New Year’s visit in China

Mid-January 2020 the delegation from FEMA team had the honour to join Sichuan Feima in summerizing the year 2019 and in celebrating the New 2020 Chinese Year.

Glen Runagall, President of Dryvit Systems together with Valeriia Dubnyuk, Export Specialist took part in the events acknowledging the hard work of marketing team and sales team of Sichuan Feima. Thanks to their work FEMA brand is strong in China and is continuously growing. Glen Runagall joined Mr Sun in thanking for their tremendous contribution. During those days European FEMA team was also invited to several training sections organized by Sichuan Feima for their newly recruited application teams.

On January 20th the European FEMA team participated with great interest in FEMA traditional celebrations of starting Chinese New Year 2020. During that ceremony Mr Sun summarized the results of FEMA Sichuan’s hard work and presented the detailed plan for growth for the upcoming year. 2019 was a very successful year for FEMA with the interior decoration market in both new build and refurbishment sectors growing significantly and hence many new FEMA stores were opened across whole China during the year.

Sichuan Feima training section
Celebrating New Chinese Year 2020
Sichuan Feima

Fema exposition on Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair

Dryvit Board Members responsible for Fema management and production took part together with R&D and Sales representation in another exciting and productive visit to China.

 Chengdu meeting

Early July, Chengdu, European Fema team spent few days discussing together with Sichuan Feima team distinctive needs of the Chinese market and the best ways to deliver market needs and meet expectations. The aim is to grow rapidly in China providing the highest quality innovative products all and backed up by first class service. A small taste of this excellence was seen by European Fema team at one of the distributor locations in Red Star Macalline shopping centre, at the luxurious Fema show room, custom designed to meet the highest desires and expectations of Chinese customer.

Guangzhou Exhibition

The strength and potential of Fema was powerfully demonstrated in the Guangzhou Exhibition. Fema exposition was 200 m2 in size and was extremely popular among potential distributors and customers. During the exhibition Glen Runagall delivered a presentation to potential distributors and took part in interviews for Chinese media.

We have an excellent partner in China – Sichuan Feima, developing sales and providing first class service. Our German manufacturing facility is responsible for product production, R&D and design.  Each market has its own needs that’s why the strategy of China’s sales and service is developed and implemented by the Sichuan Feima team. The most important responsibility of Fema in Germany is to provide the highest quality products, quality control, and other aspects to support the market here in China. We get the feedback from Sichuan Feima to make product adjustments and develop new products, etc., to meet the needs and desires of the Chinese market. – said Glen Runagall during one of the interviews.

Already Sichuan Feima is cooperating with around 1,000 distributors and thanks to the Guangzhou Exhibition that group has grown further still.

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Distributor Meeting in Chengdu



Mr. Glen Runagall, President of Dryvit Systems USA (Europe) – the company which has responsibility and ownership of the FEMA brand – together with his colleagues, took part in the National meeting with FEMA distributors in China organized by Sichuan Feima Trading Company in Chengdu on 23rd & 24th March 2018. Feima Sichuan hosted 534 participants from Provinces throughout China.

During the event Mr. Runagall delivered a presentation outlining the ongoing support and cooperation provided by FEMA for the strategically important Chinese market.

FEMA manufacturing and branding issues were explained to reaffirm to the Chinese distributors that high quality FEMA branded products of German origin are, and will remain present on the Chinese market and indeed represent a wonderful opportunity for growth over the coming years.

Mr. Runagall explained that both FEMA and Dryvit brands are part of the US based holding company RPM Inc, which owns companies that manufacture and offer high-performance coatings and specialty chemicals world-wide. Along with some impressive financial performance information about the RPM group, the President of Dryvit Systems USA (Europe) underlined the RPM values and expectations that form the foundation of their business activities worldwide.

Dryvit interior products were also introduced, these specialty products giving the effect of natural stone, Lymestone, Granite and even architectural concrete were then demonstrated live by Mr. Andrzej Zajac, Dryvit R&D Specialist. Mr. Bo Czubak Dryvit, VP Operations and Mrs. Valeriia Dubnyuk, Dryvit Export Specialist also participated in the two day meeting and offered an insight into their own unique contributions dedicated to growing the FEMA brand in China.

Mr. Sun, CEO and Mr. Zhou Furong, Vice Manager of Sichuan Feima Trading Company, also delivered their presentations about the FEMA brand and its future aspirations and growth in China. The number of participants at the event and their undeniable enthusiasm for FEMA clearly demonstrated the strength and valued support that exists behind the FEMA brand in China.

Mr. Runagall and his colleagues were extremely grateful for the hospitality extended to them by Sichuan Feima and were honored to be part of such a prestigious and professionally run event. They made many new valued acquaintances and feel sure that all involved will help to bring future success and prosperity to the FEMA China story.

Dryvit & Fema in China

In  April 2017 Dryvit Systems USA (Europe) acquired the rights to Fema brand. Then in early summer 2017 Mr. Glen Runagall, President of Dryvit Systems USA (Europe) travelled to China to demonstrate support to Sichuan Feima Trading Co. Ltd. and their nationwide network of some 650 dealers and 450 stores.

During 8 days (June 27 – July 4) Mr. Runagall visited 6 cities: Chengdu, Wuhan, Yichan, Shenzen, Fuzhou, Suzhou and Tianjin, where he met with an great number of enthusiastic and dedicated Fema dealers and business clients. He outlined Fema’s continued commitment to support growth in the Chinese market and took an active role in daily seminars and press meetings including ‘question and answer’ sessions together with Mr Sun Guojiang, CEO of Sichuan Feima Trading Co. Ltd.. The 5,000Km tour was a great opportunity to visit many Fema stores and to see personally the very significant progress the Fema brand has made in the Chinese market over recent years.  The quality of presentation of Fema products and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the dealers and employees was more than enough to confirm the great future ahead of Fema in this exciting and amazing country.

One of the highlights of the trip for Mr. Runagall was meeting personally      Mr Sun of Sichuan Feima Trading Co. Ltd., the exclusive distributor of Fema products in China. “Time spent with Mr Sun, his lovely family and his dedicated and able employees will be for me a lasting and treasured memory of this very successful visit” says Mr. Glen Runagall.

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