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Artistic wall patterns

Choose the best pattern to create your unique interior!

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British Style

Artistic paint that creates a British style look with the effect of the play of lights and shades. Available in various elegant forms bringing aristocratic style to your interterior.



Artistic paint that gives the aesthetics of  natural, fresh look. Brings the beauty of the idyllic style.


Colorful Milan

Artistic paint that brings the colourful and vivid look to your interior.

Maya Image

Maya Image

Artistic paint that gives the look of delicate elegance in an old classic style


Louvre Memory

Artistic paint that brings the variety of color and lights on the wall giving elegant and creativelook.


Berlin Time

Artistic paint that brings natural look of  sculptured surface. Gives elegant effect.


Caribbean Sea

Artistic paint that brings the look of Caribbean shore. Natural effect of colorful pebbles.

Dream Paris

Dream Paris

Artistic paint giving the dreamy effect of your interior. Gives marvellous effect of light and shades.